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Delivery & Pickup Information

Delivery & Pickup Terms

Upon delivery, we ask that you verify your rental order and sign for receipt of rentals. To ensure we provide the best service, please notify your event consultant if you will not be present upon delivery or if you will have authorized personnel awaiting delivery.

Upon Pick Up, we ask only that you return dishware and food service items lightly rinsed, debris-free, and placed in the original cases provided. Chairs and tables to be stacked on dollies provided. Linens to be shaken down, removing all food or liquids, and placed inside the supplied linen bags. Barbeques and fire pits must be cool and empty of briquettes.

Deliveries will be dropped off and pickup at the same location. Changes in drop off or pickup location must be communicated to our main office.

Standard delivery hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday.


Our standard delivery fee accounts for delivery access within a 50ft distance of our truck during drop off or pickup. Extra service fee’s will apply for:

  • Long Carry Service - When rental drop off location is more than 50ft from delivery truck location. Please keep in mind that low hanging trees, narrow alley ways, or incorrect gate codes may result in our delivery truck parking further away than initially expected.

  • High Rise Service - When rentals are to be carried up stairs or in an elevator. Please keep in mind that our #1 priority is safety. Due to most of our rental items being large or transported on wheeled dollies, going up/down elevators & stairs requires our team to take more time to unload. 

  • Breakout Service - When rentals are to be dropped off in multiple areas within the venue/residence. Please keep in mind that our #1 priority is safety. Due to most of our rental items being excessively heavy or transported on wheeled dollies, delivering rentals in multiple areas may result in re-strapping rental items to truck walls in order to transport safely. 

  • Re-Route Service - When access to drop off location is disrupted, and our driver is forced to continue route and return at a later time. Please keep in mind that our delivery team strives to be as punctual as possible. Due to traffic and space available within the truck, re-routing may result in delayed rental delivery/pickup.

  • Delivery/Pickup Labor Service - When additional setup/breakdown is requested during delivery or pickup. Due to how our routes are organized, unexpected setup or breakdown may not be available. Please contact your event consultant for more info.

Unused Items

Credit/Refunds cannot be issued for unused items once the order leaves our warehouse. Credits can only be issued if we are notified of any defects, 2 hours before the event start time. Emergency Phone Number – (650) 240-5136


Rental Transportation

You are responsible for any damage to our rental equipment as a result of transportation. Damage also includes losing knobs, handles, switches, etc. Replacement parts will be billed the full replacement cost.

Small Truck Size

Medium Truck Size

Large Truck Size

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