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Your Rental Delivery Questions, Answered

We’re so thrilled you chose to have us as part of your unique event day! Here's how we ensure everything rolls out smoothly.


When We Deliver 

Upon our arrival, we'd love for you or a trusted team member to greet us, check over the rentals, and sign off to say everything's arrived safe and sound. 


If you're planning to be elsewhere (because you're super busy making magic happen), just let your event consultant know who we can expect to meet.

When It's Time to Pack Up

Here’s how you can help us get everything packed up without a hitch post-celebration:

  • Dishware and Food Service Items: A quick rinse and free from debris, back in their original cases, would be perfect.

  • Chairs and Tables: Stacked neatly on the dollies provided.

  • Linens: Shaken free of food and spills, and tucked into the linen bags we provide.

  • Barbeques and Fire Pits: Cooled down and emptied, ready for us to take away.

  • Oily Cooking Equipment: Emptied and cleaned of oil, please. 


Delivery & Pickup Spot 

We'll drop off and pick up everything right where you tell us. 

Got a last-minute location change? No worries, just keep us in the loop by giving our main office a ring.

When We Swing By

Our standard delivery help happens between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Saturday. 

Planning something out of the ordinary? We’re all ears and here to accommodate.

When You Need Extra Help (a.k.a Additional Services):

Our aim is to make delivery and pickup as seamless as possible. But sometimes, we encounter a few adventures along the way. 

To take care of our team, we’ll need to tack on a fee for the following:

  • Long Carry Service (Fee - $150): When the journey from our truck to your event is over 50 ft., Because our rentals are heavy and our team is only human. (Note that low hanging trees, narrow alleyways, or incorrect gate codes may result in our delivery truck having to park further away.)

  • High-Rise Service (Fee - $150): For those events up stairs or in an elevator, requiring a tad more time and care.

  • Breakout Service (Fee - TBD): If we’re dropping off rentals in multiple areas within your venue or residence. The reason? We need to keep our team safe. Most of our rentals are excessively heavy or transported on wheeled dollies. Multiple drop offs can result in re-strapping items to truck walls. 

  • Re-Route Service (Fee - TDB): When the road to your event has a few unexpected twists and turns.

  • Delivery/Pickup Labor Service ($50, each way): Need an extra pair of hands for setup or breakdown? Let’s chat beforehand to make sure everything’s in place.

Taking Care During Transport 

We trust you’ll treat our rentals like your own, but accidents happen. 

If any of our pieces come back a little less than perfect due to transport adventures, we’ll need to chat about replacement costs.

Need Last-Minute Help?

We know plans change, but once the rentals leave our warehouse, we can’t offer credits or refunds for unused items. 

However, if there’s a hiccup with any item, ring us up at (650) 240-5136 at least 2 hours before go-time so we can make things right.

Small Truck Size

Medium Truck Size

Large Truck Size

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